Winchcombe Town Reserves 0 – 3 Montpellier FC: Lewis Peters goes four goals in two games with another brace as Montpellier earn win on the road.

Montpellier show their quality in win that takes them 2nd in the table

The game started directly. Winchcombe clearly had a plan in mind. They bombarded high balls out to the left wing for their number 11. The left wing sat like a pedestal above the rest of the pitch and the ball would bounce unpredictably on its surface. Aaron Holder did an excellent job at right-back preventing any breakthroughs, so much so that they moved the target-winger to the other side of the pitch.

The game started quickly from the front too. Tommy Cooper pressed every player with the ball in the central area of the pitch, interrupting play and stopping any momentum before it even started.

It was the ninth minute. Pressure from Lewis Peters led to the first chance as he forced a player into a sloppy pass back to the goalkeeper. He chased the ball and shot quickly as the goalkeeper rushed out. The ball hit the keeper and flicked goalward as Peters followed in. A player met him on the line and they both got tangled with each other. They fell in a heap on the floor with the ball ricocheting into the net in the madness.

The next ten minutes were filled with neat interplay from the midfield that never quite had the killer pass on the end. The play was good, but there wasn’t an end product until the 21st minute. Peters played the ball through the line to the on-running Jake Johnson. He used excellent footwork and had space to shoot. Shouts from around the touchline were “BE SELFISH”, but instead Johnson cut the ball across the defenders back to Peter who fired home at the far post with the keeper nowhere in sight.

The team were comfortably 2-0 up at half time. The second half took a while to open up. The first big moment came in the 56th minute. Winchcombe switched play to the left of the pitch and their striker ran in on goal. He struck the ball to the far post. Jack Maisner dived at full extension. The ball seemed to be travelling past him, but he managed to get an extra push off the ground and flick the ball to safety in an incredible save.


It was Pelli’s turn to attack. Jake Price played a beautiful ball between the defence. Winchcombe failed at deploying an offside trap, which left Andy Crosskey alone, 1-on-1 with the goalkeeper, a position that only leads to one thing. Crosskey sat him down and slotted the ball to the near post. 3-0 Montpellier.

Ryan Attwood from the left wing ran through the defender with excellent footwork. He sold the player with step-overs to make a yard  for himself and struck the ball to the far post. He had beaten the keeper, but the ball whistled just wide of the post.

With ten minutes to go, Winchcombe had their final chance to get back into the game. A dangerous freekick into the box fell to their player in space. The ball was struck high and powerfully into the centre of the goal. Maisner raised his arms well and parried the ball away from danger.

The game ended with Montpellier three goals ahead and with a well-earned clean sheet. The Man Of The Match award was given to Jack Townsend for a complete performance in defence, even with the other centre-half, Liam Bond, coming off early with a hamstring issue.



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