Official Statement

It is with great frustration and surprise that I need to announce that Paul Wright & Karly Smith have decided to take the women's squad and rebrand as Andoversford Women for the 2022/2023 season.

After joining forces and agreeing principles, over the summer it soon became apparent that both the men's and the women's team had completely different approaches and had a different vision - despite the club outlining expectations regularly, the ladies team had their own ideas (competitively and strategically and have decided they wish to be an independent team).

As a club, we had tried to support them, helped them through the set up process, allowed them to come on board and use the Montpellier brand to give them a platform to build their team, attract players and build upon sponsors. We made constant attempts to share experience & skills from our qualified and experienced coaches in women's football, provide joint training and practice sessions too. 

I want to take this opportunity to thank the management, coaching and the players who did absolutely everything in their power to make Montpellier FC an inclusive and welcoming club that wanted to support, develop and push the women's game forward by providing a safe space and opportunity for local women to develop their game, compete on all fronts and grow as players and develop as people. 

Montpellier Football Club is committed to building a football club that is focused on player development, a thriving and progressive environment where our management and players are devoted to the continued growth and creating a big family - where we can all strive  for a common goal and expectation.

We work very closely with the local community and a professional life coach to be able to provide a safe and progressive system that allows for growth on a strength based approach - to make our people and our environment a better and happier place.

Montpellier Ladies Football Club are very much still a priority for the football club and will happily be open to talking to anyone interested in getting involved and pushing forward for the 2022/2023 season - please get in contact with for more information.

I am happy to answer any further questions, please direct them to the email address above.

The focus still remains on the development and increased growth of the football club, whilst we now compete for two league titles this season and have a cup triumph in our sights. 




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