Montpellier FC 4 – 1 AFC Kempsey: Peters scores brace in a stunning team performance against tough opposition

The team’s last outing against AFC Kempsey was less than a month ago and saw nine goals. The star of the show was Andy Crosskey, who scored a hat-trick, but he was not in the squad this time.

AFC Kempsey’s team was filled with youth players, getting opportunities through suspensions in the first team. Montpellier came out early looking to take advantage of the situation. Lewis Hough struck a dangerous cross into the box, only for it to be collected by the goalkeeper,

The first real chance came from pressure in the seventh minute. Lewis Peters stole the ball from the feet of the last man. As he sighted for goal, he was given a yard of space which he exploited. He struck to the near post. Though the shot wasn’t placed in the corner, it went under the diving goalkeeper and into the back of the net to make it 1-0.

The next big chance came three minutes later. Tommy Cooper found himself in a one-on-one. Unfortunately, the ball was caught by keeper’s legs and smothered.

Jack Maisner, Montpellier’s shot-stopper was forced into action next. Kempsey attackers were bearing down on goal and 10’s shot was saved well. They recycled the ball quickly back into the centre for a tame shot from their 9, but Maisner’s quick recovery allowed him to scoop the calm shot into his arms.

A freekick inside Kempsey’s half was a chance for a set-piece. Jack Townsend crossed expertly into the far post. The ball scrambled through the mass of bodies before coming to Peters feet for him to tap in for his second of the day. The third goal was another Townsend assist from a freekick. Cooper collected the ball, quickly turned and the shot went in with a slight deflection.

The team were comfortably ahead, and a Kempsey chance gave them a chance to show defensive strength. With the opposition 10 in on goal, Liam Bond made a heroic dive to get between the ball and the goal pulling his hamstring in the process. Another last-minute block came from Josh Fullwood, who ran from the right wing down the entire pitch to throw his body on the line for the team.

The second half saw the best goal of the day. Ricky May got the ball off Hough on the left wing and set his sight on goal. He danced through the defence, keeping the ball lose to his feet and struck the ball into the far post in a sensational run and finish.

Peters’ had his chance at a hat-trick as a Cooper freekick came to him, open five yards out from goal, but the header went straight to the keeper.

A controversial penalty was given against Montpellier as a player was pushed from behind for the ball to catch his arm and have a handball given against him. Maisner dived left and saved at full extension spectacularly, but the ball fell to an opposition striker who converted the ricochet. The goal made the game 4-1 at full time.

Man of the match was given to Jake Price for a complete performance in his holding role which helped control the pace of the game.


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