Our Story...

With COVID-19 bringing the world to a halt, it is our belief that everybody needs a little something to look forward to. We are all very aware of the impact that local lockdowns, restrictions, and the anxiety that can come with them has had; it is with that at the forefront of our mind we have decided to take on this challenge. We wanted to create a club that not only celebrates our beautiful game, but also supports men and women of all ages both physically and mentally. We sincerely believe that Montpellier FC can be the next evolution of a local community driven  football club. 

Founded by two lifelong friends, this venture has been a dream for ours for as long as we can remember, so believe me when I say we are not coming into this half-hearted. Our vision for the club is to cultivate a winning mentality by bringing together a group of people who share our sporting values. We want to attract the best players, coaching staff, and personalities with expertise at every level, coaxing them into not only bringing out the best in themselves, but also the people around them. We believe that given the right drive we can be the progressive, community based and successful club of our dreams. 

Family values are at the heart of everything we aim to be, we believe that working together is the way forward, which is why our plan is to work with the community as well as local charities and businesses to offer a safe environment for people to come together, enjoy the game, make new friends, and maybe win a trophy or two, all the while striving to make our community a better place. Long term we hope to grow the club to include a real home stadium, club house, facilities, a first and second team, a women’s team, 5-a-side and in the future, a youth team also.



Our Vision...

Montpellier FC is a club at the start of a long, exciting journey, a journey we hope you can be a part of...

Men's Senior

Initially forming with a men's senior team (16+). Our plan is to establish ourselves within the Cheltenham Leagues, growing our club from humble beginnings to rival some of the bigger local clubs. The long term plan would see us with multiple teams, our own pitch, club house and facilities as well as helping players and prospective coaches through the early stages of their careers and FA coaching badges.

Women's Senior

Our five year plan would see us introducing a woman's team to our set-up, joining the Gloucestershire County Women's Football League. We are an ambitious club aiming to be inclusive, not exclusive. Everyone should have the opportunity to join our ever growing family and everyone will be welcome at Montpellier FC.

Youth Teams

Our long term plan would see the club expanding to include a youth program. We hope to have in place the staff, training facilities and expertise to match our drive and ambition. Bringing up the next generation of footballing superstars as well as assisting in giving mum and dad the odd Saturday morning off!

Community Outreach

It is our hope that Montpellier Football Club can be a community club. Working with local businesses and organisations we hope to add a little extra something and make our already beautiful town, even more so.

Charity Affiliations

We have decided to champion two charities at Montpellier FC. Two charites that mean a lot to us and so many others. We have decided to support the Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM) and Winston's Wish.

Health and Fitness

Health and fitness, both physical and mental is to be a huge focus within our club. Training isn't just for the first team, we would like to invite everyone to come be a part of our journey. Even if you just pop down on a match day for a chat. You're always welcome at Montpellier FC.


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